Escudella i carn d’olla (two-course Catalan soup and Stew) at Can Ferran

Date: 17 Dec 2014

The group held its first Christmas Lunch, at which exceptional guests were present, including José Mari Bakero, Juan Antonio San Epifanio (Epi), Txema Corbella and Pau Vilanova.

First Christmas Lunch held on 17 December at 2 pm.  50 members met at Can Ferran restaurant, in Sant Quirze del Vallès, to pay tribute to one of the most emblematic Catalan dishes: escudella i carn d’olla. This is the main dish on the menu designed for the occasion.

To whet the appetite, the meal started with Escala anchovies (“Anxoves de L’Escala“), from the set n.8, paired with Brut Nature Torelló 2009 cava from 2 bottles of “Jeroboam“, after disgorging both Jeroboams live. Once the guests were seated at the table, the star dish was served: escudella i carn d’olla, followed by chicken with prunes and pine kernels. All the dishes were accompanied by Torelló wines, including the fantastic Crysalis 2013 and the Raimonda 2010. The desserts included typical Christmas sweetmeats such as nougat and wafers, and we all made a toast to the many successes of Barcelona Football Club in 2015 with a magnum of Torelló rosé cava.

The group was fortunate enough to have a series of important guests, including José Mari Bakero, Juan Antonio San Epifanio (Epi) and Txema Corbella, two authentic stars of the Club and the well-known supplier of material for the first team during the past 30 years.  It was also a great pleasure for us to have Pau Vilanova, director of the Social Section of FC Barcelona, accompany us at this meal.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

Long live Barça and gastronomy!