Date: 04 Dec 2015
Cat: Popular

The 1st Anniversary of the Penya Gastronòmica Barça have deserved a very good celebration and more than 120 Barça supporters, most of them from the Penya Gastronòmica Barça and some others from other “Barça Penyes”, have met at Restaurant “La Venta” to enjoy around an special lunch.

Special lunch with the more traditional meal of catalan kitchen, the “Escudella I Carn d’Olla”.

This a a typical meal consisting in boiling different kind of vegetables (potatoes, carrots, celeries, etc) and some meats from chicken, pork, veal, etc.

After boiling everything, we get two courses, first course is a succulent soup where it is normaly eaten with pasta, normally Christmas pasta.

And as a main course, all the vegetables and meats where mentioned before.

All this menu has been paired with cava and wines of important winery placed at Penedès called “Juvé & Camps”.

There was a Chocolate soufflé as a dessert, and as a “petit fours” a chocolate ball with the same size as a regular ball.

It is been very spectacular, so up to 14 chocolate balls have been served on each table by the Barça cheerleaders, dancing and doing different exercises, laughing and being very kind to everybody.

All the supporters have applauded the cheerleaders and also the President of Penya Gastronòmica Barça Pere Duran expressed his gratitude to them.

Furthermore, the President did the same with all the members of the Penya Gastronòmica Barça and all the collaborators such as “CaixaBank” and “Damm”, and also también “Espai Kru”, “Miramar Paco Pérez”, “Bodega La Puntual”, “Bibo Dani García”, “Olis Bargalló” and “Hotel Duquesa de Cardona”.

Also to all the collaborators which contributed to do an special present for everybody with different products such as “Bargalló”, “Bodega La Puntual”, “Enrique Tomás”, “Damm”, el “FC Barcelona”, “Juvé & Camps”, “Macxipa”, “Solé Pallarès” and “Vila Viniteca”.

It is been a very special day for the Penya Gastronòmica and FC Barcelona has been represented by the social staff member Pau Vilanova.

In the terrace of the restaurant, you could find 3 cups concerning 3 titles of FC Barcelona this year, the Champions League, the Spanish League and the Europe Supercup.

Finally, Rumba Catalana music live and chestnut woman you could find also in the terrace, with José Antonio Femenía, bartender of very well know “Bar Boadas” preparing some gin tonics with the “Fever Tree” tonic water.

Visca Barça and Visca Gastronomy!

(enclosed herewith you can check this video with the “Barça Cheerleaders” dancing in the restaurant  “La Venta”)