Date: 17 Feb 2016
Cat: Champions meals, displacements

The first trip of 2016 to follow our Barça has been to Asturias, one of the best gastronomic land in Spain.

Up to 12 members of Penya Gastronómica Barça have travelled with the same plane of Barça team to land in Aeropuerto of Avilés (Asturias) where they have been welcomed by the former player and striker of Barça at 80’s Enrique Castro “Quini”.

After that, the supporters have visited the “Güeyu Mar” restaurant place at Playa de la Vega, very close to Ribadesella, only 7 km far from, to enjoy about the best grilled fishes in the country.

Abel, his owner, has welcomed the Penya Gastronòmica Barça expedition where it was also included Raúl Sanllehí, the football director of FC Barcelona, and very recent new member of our Penya.

Fantastic landscapes from the restaurant to Playa de la Vega, with the green of the mountains, and the blue of the sea and of the sky; typical views in Asturias.

And even more unbelievable the cooking of Abel, a great specialist, on this incredible place where our supporters enjoyed with different fishes such as “mero” and “rey” (king).

These fishes are also with a size, so big, that we are not used to see and to eat. Great experience.

Further, the cooking of Abel is very good also for their marinated fishes, such as longfin tuna, also oysters Gillardeau type, “percebes” and “salpicón” of lobster, etc.

Important to mention also the fantastic cheese called “Gamoneu”, from Asturias, with excellent flavour and very balanced.

After the wonderful lunch at “Güeyu Mar”, the supporters went towards to “El Molinón” stadium in Gijón to live the Liga match Sporting de Gijón-FC Barcelona.

Barça won 1-3 with the goals of Messi (2) and Luis Suárez (1), three points more, very importants to get a new Liga Championship.

Thanking Asturias people for welcoming so very kind to our supporters and see you soon Asturias!

Visca Barça and Gastronomy!