Date: 05 Nov 2015
Cat: Association / Club

The first twinning of the Penya Gastronòmica Barça has been to the “Federación de Peñas” of FC Barcelona in Castilla La Mancha, which has been represented by his President Daniel Peinado.

The President of Penya Gastronòmica Barça Pere Duran has introduced the twinning before signing the document which starts a very good collaboration between the supporters from Castilla La Mancha and the Penya Gastronòmica Barça.

This twinning act has been held with an exceptional witness such as Andrés Iniesta, captain and player of FC Barcelona, who has signed and delivered his shirt of FC Barcelona to all the members of Penya Gastronòmica Barça.

Penya Gastronòmica Barça thanks the appearance of Daniel Peinado, Andrés Iniesta and also the social area member of FC Barcelona staff Pau Vilanova.

Also thanks the appearance of Bodega Iniesta which offered their excellent wines such as “Valeria” and “Paulo Andrea”.

After the twinning, a very good dinner has been in “La Venta” restaurant where more than 50 “penyistes”, including Andrés Iniesta and his family, have enjoyed a menu with “Coca with Black sausage and onions”, “Macarrones de la Tía Margarita”,  Romana Hake and pork sausage from Lérida with white beans.

As a dessert, an exceptional FrozenSouflé.

Visca Barça and Gastronomy!