Points of interest

Our points of interest

  • Asador Soriano

    Address: C/Chans, 2 Vigo
    Phone: 986481373

  • Baffetto Pizzeria

    Address: Via del Governo Vecchio, 114, Roma
    Phone: +39 066861617

    Remarks: In Rome there are many pizza restaurant to njoy wonderful pizza, but one of the most authentic is Baffetto, where roman people like going with the family and friends, rustic place where the time goes by and you can feel like a roman citizen. There is also Baffetto 2, much more modern, but we suggest to go to the first and historic one.

  • Bodeguita Casablanca

    Address: C/Adolfo Rodríguez Jurado, 12 (Sevilla)
    Phone: 954224114

    Remarks: Typical “tapas” bar with very good atmosphere where you can taste the unique “Papas Aliñá” that they only know how to make superb!. Also, other specialities such as whisky omelette, sea cooking, “tapas”, etc.

  • Cantin (Cheese Shop)

    Address: 12, Rue du Champ de Mars, at the 7th. Underground: Ecole Militarire/Tour Marbourg.

    Remarks: Probably the best cheese shop at Paris; other cheese shops are “Barthélémy” or “La Ferme Saint Aubin”. Other gastronomic shops in Paris could be “Pierre Hermé” for cakes, chocolat and macarons; “Roellinger” for spices, “La Cave Auge” or “Lavinia” for wines, etc.

  • Choco

    Address: C/Compositor Lucena, 14; 14010 Córdoba
    Phone: 957264863

    Remarks: The creative cooking proposal at this city thanks to his chef Kisco García, with experience on other important restaurants in Spain such as “Café de París” (Málaga), “Casa Marcial” (Arriondas) and “El Celler de Can Roca” (Girona). This restaurant is known also for being the first to get one Michelin star in Córdoba.

  • Dallmayr

    Address: Dienerstrasse, 14; 80331 München
    Phone: +49 892135333

    Remarks: Excellent gastronomic place, with different shops and restaurants, even one of them with 2 Michelin star. You can find all type of delicatessen, food and wines; the best place for the gourmets and having the possibility to eat and to buy something for taking away.

  • El Churrasco

    Address: C/Romero,16; 14003 Córdoba
    Teléfono: 957290819

    Comentaris: Traditional restaurant with grilled meats, the “salmorejo”, fried anchovies, the “pringà” croquettes and different types of toasts.

  • Goizeko Izarra

    Address: Alameda Gregorio de la Revilla, 9; 48011 Bilbao
    Phone: 944 415018

    Remarks: A very good bar and also with very good gastronomic level where you can even enjoy a wonderful cow “txuleta”, one of the best meals on this restaurant. You can also eat around a table in the restaurant, but it is better to do next to the bar enjoying the exciting atmosphere with Bilbao neighborhood.

  • Hofbräuhaus am Platzl HB

    Address: 5, Platzl, 9; 80331 München
    Phone: +49 89 290136100

    Remarks: One of the most important brewery of this city, since  1589, next to the Marienplatz, the same underground station you should consider in case you go by train. Historical brewery where more tan 30000 persons visit every day, for enjoying the best beers, all type of sausages, and the classical sauerkraut and pork knuckle.

  • Jaylu

    Adress: C / López de Gomara, 19, Barrio de Triana (Sevilla)
    Phone: 954339476

    Remarks: The best product in Sevilla, specialist on seafood and fish, and also they are artists cutting “ibérico” ham, not only in “La Maestranza” there are bullfighters…

  • Joselito’s

    Address: Velàzquez street, 30; Madrid
    Phone: 917274762

    Remarks: The new shop of  “Joselito”, the acclaimed  producer of iberic ham, in Salamanca district, for tasting the iberic products such as “lomo”, “salchichón”. “chorizo”, “coppa”, etc; and of course his famous iberic ham with different years. Other “Joselito” shop in Madrid you can find at Narváez Street, 5.

  • Le Baratin

    Address: 3, Rue Jouye-Rouve, at the 20th.Underground: Pyrénées.
    Phone: +33 (0)143493970

    Remarks: Typical Bistrot, very authentic, with Raquel Carena as owner and chef, cooking traditional and good market food meals, very good wine list, very far from the downtown but always full, chefs and bakers go there such as Pierre Hermé. One of the favourite of Josep Roca from “El Celler de Can Roca”.

  • Nerua

    Address: Abandoibarra Avenue, 2; 48009 Bilbao
    Phone: 944000430

    Remarks: Josean Alija is without any doubt one of the most sensitive chefs in Spain, his cooking skill surprises due to their elegance and subtleness, coherence is highly appreciated on his cooking also. Furthermore, the restaurant is inside the Guggenheim building from Frank Ghery. Very good wine list and service.

  • Porrue

    Address: Alameda Rekalde, 4 Bilbao
    Phone: 944231313

    Remarks: The best “asador” by most of people in Bilbao, where the right selection of products is excellent and cooking and specially the grill are superb. Fish, meat, vegetables, seafood, eggs, cheese…you have all kind of products to choose properly and enjoy.

  • Ramón Freixa

    Address: Claudio Coello street, 67 (Hotel Único), 28001 Mad
    Phone: 917818262

    Remarks: Ramon Freixa cooks with fully success in Madrid, creativity and maturity, 2 Michelin stars high cooking with the best execution after his fantastic trajectory in Barcelona and following the way of his parents Josep Maria and Dori, exemplar family.

  • Residenz Heinz Winkler

    Address: Kirchplatz 1; 83229 Aschau im Chiemgau (at 80 km of München).
    Phone: +49 8052 1799-0

    Remarks: At only 80 km of München you can find the chef Heinz Winkler’s paradise, a fantastic peace place where you can combine high quality cooking with welfare. His 3 Michelin star and the wonderful landscapes become your stay as an unforgettable experience.

  • Sacha

    Address: C/Juan Hurtado de Mendoza, 11 Madrid
    Phone: 91 345 59 52

    Remarks: Sacha Hormaechea makes this restaurant is unique, very authentic, with personal details, to be considered the best bistrot of Madrid. Sacha is able to surprise not only with the quality meals, also with good wines.

  • Salumeria Roscioli

    Address: Via dei Giubbonari, 21, Roma.
    Phone: +39 066875287

    Remarks: Essential gastronomic address in Rome, delicatesen shop with all type of cheese, cold pork meat, tinned food, wines, etc where you can buy to take away or you can eat like in a restaurant, typical place which all the gourmets love.

  • Taberna Laredo

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