Points of interest

Our points of interest

  • Joselito’s

    Address: Velàzquez street, 30; Madrid
    Phone: 917274762

    Remarks: The new shop of  “Joselito”, the acclaimed  producer of iberic ham, in Salamanca district, for tasting the iberic products such as “lomo”, “salchichón”. “chorizo”, “coppa”, etc; and of course his famous iberic ham with different years. Other “Joselito” shop in Madrid you can find at Narváez Street, 5.

  • Ramón Freixa

    Address: Claudio Coello street, 67 (Hotel Único), 28001 Mad
    Phone: 917818262

    Remarks: Ramon Freixa cooks with fully success in Madrid, creativity and maturity, 2 Michelin stars high cooking with the best execution after his fantastic trajectory in Barcelona and following the way of his parents Josep Maria and Dori, exemplar family.

  • Sacha

    Address: C/Juan Hurtado de Mendoza, 11 Madrid
    Phone: 91 345 59 52

    Remarks: Sacha Hormaechea makes this restaurant is unique, very authentic, with personal details, to be considered the best bistrot of Madrid. Sacha is able to surprise not only with the quality meals, also with good wines.

  • Taberna Laredo

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