Points of interest

Our points of interest

  • Goizeko Izarra

    Address: Alameda Gregorio de la Revilla, 9; 48011 Bilbao
    Phone: 944 415018

    Remarks: A very good bar and also with very good gastronomic level where you can even enjoy a wonderful cow “txuleta”, one of the best meals on this restaurant. You can also eat around a table in the restaurant, but it is better to do next to the bar enjoying the exciting atmosphere with Bilbao neighborhood.

  • Nerua

    Address: Abandoibarra Avenue, 2; 48009 Bilbao
    Phone: 944000430

    Remarks: Josean Alija is without any doubt one of the most sensitive chefs in Spain, his cooking skill surprises due to their elegance and subtleness, coherence is highly appreciated on his cooking also. Furthermore, the restaurant is inside the Guggenheim building from Frank Ghery. Very good wine list and service.

  • Porrue

    Address: Alameda Rekalde, 4 Bilbao
    Phone: 944231313

    Remarks: The best “asador” by most of people in Bilbao, where the right selection of products is excellent and cooking and specially the grill are superb. Fish, meat, vegetables, seafood, eggs, cheese…you have all kind of products to choose properly and enjoy.