Previous Lunch to “Champions” Final at “5 by Paco Pérez” Restaurant in Berlin

Date: 06 Jun 2015
Cat: Champions meals, displacements


Berlin is already magical city for Barça suppoprters after winning his 5th Champions League at Olympiastadion against Juventus from Italy.

Typical final match where even the suffering has been important during some minutes at the second half of the match; but finally Barça got the third goal at the last minute ending the match with the score of 3-1, with goals of Rakitic, Luis Suárez and Neymar.

Before the final, the PGB member and wonderful chef Paco Pérez has welcomed 11 members of PGB at his restaurant called “5 by Paco Pérez” in the Das Stue Hotel among the fantastic Tiergarten.

By chance, our members have met by coincidence with fisrt level personalities such as the President of Generalitat of Catalunya Artur Mas and the Major of Barcelona Xavier Trias.

Both have been very kind to the supporters talking and toasting for Barça and Penya Gastronòmica Barça.

The menu has been excellent and frankly speaking everybody has felt like home thanks to Paco, his wife Montse, and their team.

Tuna, green peas with “espardenyes”, rice with prawns and mushrooms, monkey fish with wagyu sauce and veal tartare have been the exceptional main courses.

As a dessert, marvelous “crema catalana” which has been a perfect way to close the menu.

For pairing this menu, “Improvisació” with 100% xarel.lo from Cal Raspellet, Penedès, as a white wine; and “Negre de Negres” from Portal del Priorat Celler as a red wine; both from Catalonia.

As it is usual, there was also the pool before the match who have won the members Montse, Josep Lluís, Marc and Xavier to forecast 3-1.

After the match and the incredible success to get the “Triplete”, which means to be champion of Spanish League, King’s Cup and Champions League; the celebrations have been long and very exciting either in Berlin or in Barcelona.

Congratulations to Barça for this unbelievable season getting 2nd “Triplete” which any team has obtained before.

Visca Barça and Gastronomy!!!

(Here enclosed you can see 3 videos at Olympiastadion during the Champions final)