Homage to the Woodcock “Ca L’Enric” (La Vall de Bianya)

Date: 18 Feb 2015

Fantastic experience travelling up to “Ca L’Enric” in La Vall de Bianya and enjoying this marvelous game lunch with the woodcock, also known as the queen of the forest.

The woodcock is considered  the most appreciated game bird for cooking and probably “Ca L’Enric” is the best restaurant for understanding entirely this very special menu meaning.

Joan Juncà, the sommelier, informed to the ten members of PGB that they have cooked more than 800 woodcocks this season. We are talking about recognized experts.

Following the excellent book called “The twilight of the woodcock” written by the philologist and gourmet Jaume Coll, where some hunters and chefs discuss about this particular and special bird, the woodcock menu was served within four parts; the soup, the rice, the thighs and the breasts.

But Juncà family, with Isabel and Jordi as chefs, has been so generous that the menu has also included another exceptional servings such as woodcock with oyster, “royale” of woodcock, roasted chicken yoghurt with pine nuts and the best final serving with the extraordinary hare “à la royale”.

It has been really beautiful to meet the father of Isabel, Joan and Jordi; where you can see the respect for the setting and the history.

Thanks a lot Juncà family, we will never forget it!

Visca Barça and the Gastronomy!