Date: 19 Sep 2015
Cat: Go out to the regions

More than 50 members of Penya Gastronòmica Barça have visited the village of El Vilosell (Les Garrigues-Lleida) to enjoy the Harvest Lunch at Tomàs Cusiné winery.

First of all, the Penya Gastronòmica Barça has been welcomed by the owner of the winery Tomàs Cusiné and the major of El Vilosell Jordi Nogué who are showed the village with a walk explaining the main features.

During the walk, the supporters stopped at the Archbishop Lookout where they have enjoyed with beautiful landscapes and tasting the white wine ‘Auzells’, from Tomàs Cusiné winery,with five different grapes and highly appreciated.

After this lookout, it has been visited the Municipal Lookout with fantastic views of Les Garrigues.

Two “vintage” shops as exhibition with old materials to see how worked one century ago have been also visited,called ‘Ca La Felipa’ and ‘Cal Pastisser’.

Coming back to the Tomàs Cusiné winery,the supporters have tasted the first grape must of the year and also an excellent red wine ‘Finca Comabarra’ among wooden casks of 500 and 220 liters to do the vintage wine.

After the winery, they have visited the vineyards where to be held the Harvest Lunch among a marvelous landscape with different grape types such as syrah,chardonnay,riesling,cabernet,white sauvignon,etc.

The PGB President Pere Duran gave a short talk to the attendees thanking his participation and also to the winery owner Tomàs Cusiné and the El Vilosell major for the excellent welcoming.

He also emphasized the collaboration of the pastry chef master and PGB member Jordi Pallarès from Oliana (Lleida) who made for everybody delicious blackberry and fresh fruits cake.

The lunch consisted on season vegetables such as lettuce,tomato and red and green peppers; snails ‘gormanda’ style very typical from these lands,and grilled meat such blanck and white sausages, pork and lamb meat.

Tasty and wonderful red wines with the lunch from Tomàs Cusiné winery such as the “Vilosell” one, the “Geol” one and the“Finca Comabarra’ one.

Thank you for the hospitality and generosity of El Vilosell and Tomàs Cusiné winery,unforgettable day for the PGB supporters, see you soon!

Visca Barça and Gastronomy!