“El Berguedà” with Rovira family, vermouth at La Portella and “Dinar de Pagès” at Hostal Sant Maurici

More than 50 members and friends of Penya Gastronòmica Barça met at the area of ‘El Berguedà’ to enjoy a wonderful day with Rovira family and his different country properties around his philosophy called ‘Tancant Cercles’.

‘Tancant Cercles’ (Closing Circles) is the expression of a way of life, the philosophy of producing in accordance with traditional artisan customs and controlling all production processes.

The PGB has visited firstly the Hotel and Restaurant ‘Els Casals’ (one Michelin star and where Oriol Rovira offers his cooking more creative) at the small village called Sagàs where has been delighted by marvelous cupcakes and plum cakes.

After that,the group has been welcomed by Oriol and Jordi Rovira at ‘Can Malla’ where they have the facilities for producing all the pork products, the farm with chickens, the pigs,the cows,etc and the vegetable country for producing potatotes,tomatoes,etc

Very impressive and high qualitiy products such as “llonganissa”, “fuet”, white or black “bull”, with tongue or not, raw or cured “butifarra”, black or white, perol style, freash loin, etc and their famous “sobrasada”, more or less spicy, which could have around 8 months curing.

After that and only at 5 km at the village of La Quar, the ‘Penyistes’ have enjoyed a fantastic vermouth at the ‘Monestir of La Portella’ with olives, cured “llonganissa”, ‘carquinyolis’ and smoked ‘cap de llom’ with typical red and white ‘Yzaguirre’ vermouth.

At the lunch time, in the same village at the ‘Hostal Sant Maurici’, all the members of PGB has eaten delicious menu with cabbage salad, “trinxat”, black peas of Beguedà with bacon, grilled pork ear with “ganxet” white beans, “cap i pota”, and grilled lamb. .

Very good wines such as “Brunus” 2010 from “Portal del Montsant” celler (D.O. Montsant) and “Parxet” cava brut nature (D.O. Cava).

Gin Tonic time with the excellent gin ‘Vones’ and tonic water ‘Fever Tree’.

As it is traditional within all the PGB activities, the pool of the Barça match was made before watching the “Derby” Espanyol-Barça; with 4 winners who received from the “Barça Grandfather” one “Parxet” cava brut nature each one.

Barça won the match 0-2 with very good football and the goals of Neymar and Messi.

Unbelieavable atmosphere with the 50 “penyistes” as you can check with this video…

Finally, the vicepresident of PGB Josep Vilella expressed his gratitude in the name of la PGB to the Rovira family and above all remembered the very sad death of Tito Vilanova one year ago.

The members applauded soulful as a tribute to Tito Vilanova.

Visca Barça and Gastronomy!