Lunch before the “Clásico” (Barça/RealMadrid) with Sergi Arola and Paco Roncero at “Casa de Tapes Cañota”

Date: 22 Mar 2015
Cat: Popular

“Casa de Tapes Cañota” has been the fantastic restaurant where the Penya Gastronòmica Barça met more than 60 members before the “Clásico” match between Barça and Real Madrid to be played on Sunday 22 March at 9 p.m.

Mervellous occasion to invite the famous and excellent chefs in Madrid, Paco Roncero and Sergi Arola, both with 2 Michelin Stars in Madrid, the first with “La Terraza del Casino” and the second one with “Sergi Arola Gastro”.

Both chefs, well known supporters of Barça at the eternal enemy city, Madrid.

With the local chef Liberio Martínez from “Casa de Tapes Cañota”, they have cooked a traditional menu with tasty meals from Madrid and Catalonia.

“Potaje” with chickpeas and “chorizo”, “Belly” (Callos) Madrid style, “Fricandó” of veal with mushrooms, Catalan Cream and sweet “Brunyols” of l’Empordà made all the attendance very happy and with very good wines from Madrid such as “El Hombre Bala” 2013 (Comando G Celler) and from Catalonia, Cava “Rovellats” Brut Nature Gran Reserva 2008.

Among the attendance, the “Agrupació Barça Jugadors” President Ramon Alfonseda, the “Sindic of Soci” FCB Joan Manel Trayter and Social Area board executive Pau Vilanova.

Jordi Basté told in the name of the Penya Gastronòmica Barça as Vicepresident of PGB, thanking the chefs and all the collaborators for making possible this successful event.

The Vicepresident of PGB Roser Tiana delivered to the 3 chefs the apron of the PGB, in the case of Paco and Sergi to defend Barça in Madrid!

The score pool of “Clásico” had 5 winners, all members of Penya Gastronòmica Barça; Roser Tiana, Albert Baronet, Paco Roncero, Ramon Besora and Siscu Martí.

All them awarded with the very special and limited edition “Cerveza Reserva” of “Damm”.

Carles Fité, the journalist from Sabadell, has been the excellent moderator with very good interviews to Paco Roncero, Sergi Arola, Liberio Martínez and Ricardo Sanz, the last one well known Madrid supporter and with great fair play.

After the lunch, more tan 60 PGB members enjoyed with an impressive selection of high quality gin “Sipsmith” with the magnific tonic water “Fever Tree” made by the expert bartender and mixologist from “Bar Boadas” Adal Márquez.

Barça won 2-1- to Madrid at “Camp Nou”, a perfect Sunday with gastronomy and Barça!!!