Date: 11 Jul 2015
Cat: Celebrations, Go out to the regions

The Celebration of “Triplet” is the main July activity of Penya Gastronòmica Barça to enjoy with more than 80 members the achievement of the most important championships of the year; the Spanish League, the King’s Cup and of course the Champions League.

There is only one team in the world which has achieved two times the over known “TRIPLET”, this is FC BARCELONA.

For this celebration, our Penya has decided to organize this activity within 3 acts: LEAGUE, CUP and CHAMPIONS.

Saturday 11th July more than 80 members sailed with a big and comfortable boat from village L’Escala port towards to “Parc Natural de les Illes Medes”.

Within the boat friends and members from our Penya and also owners of “Bodega La Puntual” and “El Xampanyet” gave to the members a fantastic homemade vermouth and a very good aperitifs with olives, chips and cockles. Fantastic preserved clams with more than 15 years thanks to Joan Carles from El Xampanyet.

Furtermore, we drank great wines from the area, DO Empordà, from Celler Espelt.

After a very good bath on mediterranian sea, we went to the restaurant “El Molí de L’Escala” to enjoy with the fantastic anchovies of “Anxoves de L’Escala” thanks to the member of the Penya Gastronòmica Barça Marc Teixidor.

The “Champions” cup was exhibited on the garden of the restaurant and all the members did many pictures.

The president of the PGB Pere Duran welcomed all the members and thanks to everybody his collaboration to make possible this special celebration.

Also welcomed Amador Bernabeu, Pique’s grandfather and above all in charge of FC Barcelona at UEFA organization.

The last act was the Champions with the marvelous lunch cooked by the chef Jordi Jacas and his father.

To end the celebration, the members drank some gin tonics with Sipsmith gin from London and the tonic water Fever Tree.

Finally, the president Pere Duran delivered to the chef Jordi Jacas the apron of the Penya gastronòmica Barça.

Visca Barça and Visca Gastronomy!